Debunking SEO Agency – Client Relationship Misconceptions

While online reputation management is one of the staple brand management services offered by many SEO agencies, the one reputation that they can’t seem to fix is how people view the relationship that exists between a search engine optimization company and its clients. Various misconceptions perennially hunt them which lead to disparate expectations from the two ends of the spectrum and sometimes, causing conflict.

SEO Goes on Autopilot when a Company Hires an SEO Agency

This misunderstanding permeates the many facets of third party brand management services – from traditional advertising to search engine optimization. Marketing folklore says that once a deal with an SEO third party provider is sealed, it’s all hands off deck for them.

Wrong. For instance, best practices in online reputation management dictate that organizations should be very much involved in their SEO efforts to avoid conflicting messages and execution. Also, an SEO firm needs its clients constant input. At the end of the day, successful search engine optimization campaign stems from a solid collaboration between an agency and its client.

SEO is a Separate Marketing Platform

A few years back, the practice of integrated marketing communications became popular precisely because businesses realized that their campaigns produce better results if everything is orchestrated towards a single direction. So, to think that search engine optimization is a separate entity from the other branches of brand management services is completely wrong.

If you’re working with multiple agencies – a PPC marketing firm, online reputation management company, PR agency, etc. – make sure that you string all these online marketing efforts together in order for you to get a 360-degree view of what’s happening in your web marketing campaigns. The old adage every man for himself does not apply here.

SEO is all About Pleasing Google

What many marketers fail to see is that great search performance and high traffic are ends not means and these concepts do not fully define what search engine optimization is. A number of marketers perceive SEO as a trade of backlinks and rankings, which is really an outdate way to look at how it works. It is not uncommon for marketers to be surprised if their SEO consultant recommends changing the URL structure of the site, changing the design of their landing pages, rewriting the content of their domains, integrating social media and mobile components and so on and so forth.

Clearly, it takes a full arsenal of online marketing strategies and tactics to occupy those highly coveted spots in Google’s results pages and SEO should be incorporated across all these components to generate the best results.

The Secret to a Rewarding SEO Agency-Client Relationship

Two key ingredients: constant communication and seamless implementation.

You are the best gatekeeper of your brand, not your SEO agency or your other brand management services providers for that matter. You have to provide them something to work with. Constantly update them on recent changes and developments that you think might affect their work.

Finally, expect that your party SEO company will put forward recommendations and your organization should be prepared to take steps and make these changes.

Handling brand management services is always tricky, especially if there are two parties who are not on the same page. Keep in mind that misconceptions above and make sure you don’t fall victim to them.