Search Engine Optimization And Spam – How Will You Know That?

There is a fine line between proper search engine optimization, and what a search engine will consider to be spam. As we all know, not all search engine optimization methods are ethical. Search engines, such as Google, are making every effort to try to differentiate between ethical internet marketers and those who are simply taking the ?easy? way out with spam.

The definition of spam, however, has been something of a debatable topic for many search engine optimization experts. The reason that everybody is working so hard to define it is because when it comes time to search engine optimize, there is a grey area between what spams is, and what is not. What is ethical marketing, and what is not? For a word that is so commonly utilized, spam is a very difficult thing to pinpoint and around which to place boundaries. An internet marketer would not want to inadvertently have their site penalized after all of the time and effort they have put toward making the site as search engine optimized as possible.

In theory, the difference is that a ?non-spam? website that is truly meant for content, selling a product or service, and is optimized so that its content ? which has value to the reader ? is most attractive among search engines. On the other hand, a ?spam? website is created for marketing purposes only. It has no real informational value and its content is worthless except for its attempts to achieve a search engine ranking.

Such spam sites can include those that have pages copied directly from other websites that are not of public domain. They might also include pages that are simply lists of keywords, instead of articles that happen to use the keywords among their information. Another kind of spam site is one that appears to either be blank or have text or images on it, but it also has hidden text in the background that has keywords repeated over and over, or simply in lists. This is done by making the text color and the background color the same color so that it is not visible to the reader.

However, some would argue that creating a site, such as one with keywords hidden in the background, is not unethical at all. The reason they argue for its validity is that it does not try to fool the search engine in any way, and it is unobtrusive to the viewer. Computers can see the text in plain sight; it is only the human eye that does not detect it.

However, by doing this, it reduces the chances of sites that are based on legitimate information and key wording techniques. These have been carefully created to include the right words, without taking away from the information and appearance of the site. It means that the sites for which the keywords are truly relevant have a lower chance at achieving proper search engine ranking.

To prevent such efforts, search engines have employed such techniques as penalizing web sites and web pages that include information that has been copied directly from other sites. They also penalize pages and sites that have the same word repeated too many times in its content. There are other rules that are utilized as well, but they differ from search engine to search engine.

Penalization from a search engine can mean anything from assigning a very low rank, to blocking it from being indexed altogether. Naturally, when you are a legitimate site, you will want to avoid such punishment at all costs. Therefore, when you are performing your search engine optimization, it is important that you take care not to break the ?spam? rules of the search engines. This includes one very important technique: when in doubt, err to the side of safety. It?s much better to achieve rank number two instead of number one, when you risk being kicked out altogether.

It is not difficult to search engine optimize legitimately. Simply create your own original copy, and write naturally, refraining from repeating your keywords so many times that things look a little bit ?fishy?. The same thing goes for repeating the same website under a number of different domain names. Just keep yourself unique and natural, and all will work out in your favor with the search engines.

There is a fine line between proper search engine optimization, and what a search engine will consider to be spam. As we all know, not all search engine optimization methods are ethical. Search engines, such as Google, are making every effort to try to differentiate between ethical internet marketers and those who are simply taking the ?easy? way out with spam.

The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole ? Is It For Real?

Recently a well known SEO expert called Dave Kelly and Chris Rempel otherwise know as the ?lazy super affiliate? launched the “Ultimate Search Engine Loophole”. Marketers and affiliate marketers have been going crazy over this new approach to search engine optimization. Of course there?s been the usual skepticism about this type of product. After all, the claims are extraordinary. I decided to review Dave Kelly and Chris Rempel?s new SEO technique to see if the big claims are true and if this product stands up.

Lets get straight to the point.

The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole consists of of two PDF files and several 5 to 10 minute videos that Dave Kelly has put together. The first PDF report is titled, The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole, and is written by Dave Kelly. It’s only 20 pages in length, it basically covers the implementation of the strategy completely and is clearly written without the usual fluff and filler content.

The First PDF.

On the first reading of this report your initial reaction might be ?well this seems like a lot of work? and that’s fine. However once you have read the report, spend some time thinking about it. The truth is, the strategy presented isn?t all that hard to implement. If you are fine with the fact that you will be required to put some work in to get the payoff. Apart from having to to put some initial work in for a long term payoff, there are no real obstacles in the way of anyone wanting to get started with this.

The second PDF.

The second PDF is written by Chris Rempel, and is titled Quick Start Guide. This report is 10 pages in length. This is OK, because this PDF is to reassure anyone reading who have made it through the first report, that Dave?s strategy is solid. Not just that, but it can be implemented without any further cost, although it is going to require some extra work. Chris refers to some of Dave?s videos in this guide, so really it is Dave Kelly who is revealing this secret search engine optimization strategy.

The Videos.

The videos – again Dave Kelly make it very clear how you can implement your domain ranking strategy on a small scale with MSN, and then build it up once you see some results. I don?t see any reason why this cannot be done.
Dave Kelly has also put up videos showing the results and proof of putting this strategy into action. You can see from the videos how his domains rank in top positions on MSN live for keywords such as ?poor credit rating?, and ?reducing debt? These are fiercely competitive financial keywords. If you visit his sites you?ll see that these typically have a page rank of zero according to Google, which shows how particular this strategy is to MSN.

If you tried to rank for these hyper competitive keywords without the ?MSN loophole strategy? You would have next no chance without paying out thousands to a professional SEO firm. Dave Kelly has been using this strategy for years, quietly perfecting it to a point where he can out-rank the big company?s.


The Search Engine Loophole virtually guarantee that your website can get into the top few search engine positions for any keyword you choose, which obviously makes this an extremely valuable product. The potential, you could position offers in front of thousands or even tens of thousands of prospects and make heaps of sales in your chosen markets from this alone. The start-up costs are minimal and the only other requirement is work. If you can build one page blogs, post content and follow instructions, then you are good to go. I have also found some of the process can be automated and speeded up with some free plug-ins.

Professional Web Design ? Is It Really Necessary

Who doesn’t love to save money? Your getting ready to have a website designed and it turns out that your buddy has a nephew that can do it for cheap! He even has some great looking websites that you have seen that look perfectly fine! So why not go for it instead of a professional web design service?

Business or Pleasure?

Before you assign junior the task, you need to take a few things into consideration. For instance, is your website a business website that you are planning on making money on or is it simply a personal interest website that you want designed.

Always Rely On Experts in Business

If it is a business website that you are planing on having designed then you may want to think twice before you hand the task over to the ?kid?. Sure he may know how to work a keyboard but does he know anything about SEO?

Did You Know This?

SEO stands for ?search engine optimization?. It’s a very complex Internet promotions science and how it is applied to your website can in fact make you or break you. In fact, there are over 100 factors that Google considers when determining where they are going to place your website in their search engines.

More To it Than Meets the Eye

A qualified web design company will have a team of experts that work in collusion on your project and an SEO expert will definitely be one of them. It will be his or her job to see to it that each aspect of your website reflects positively as it pertains to SEO.

A Professional Web Design Service and SEO

So trying to save money on web design can in fact cost you. If you have done your market research and there is a viable demand for what you are offering then the sooner you get your website positioned well in the search engines the sooner it will begin producing results.

Advantages Of Press Release Submission

To get a business recognized easily on and off the web is achieved often through a press release. Hence the press release is all about publicity to draw the attention of the public towards the respective site. Therefore to establish a successful publicity, it is very essential to have good press release writing.

A good press release writing should be newsworthy and should not look like any promotional deal. Writing the press release in the most correct way ensures an impressive visibility online and may create impression that may last quite longer. Hence the press release writing is considered as the best option in comparison with other publicity methods.

Today the press release writing is considered the most powerful and innovative tool to increase the search engine ranking that further enhances the sales. So keeping all this in mind, it is needless to say how important the press release submission service is.

The ethical search engine optimization firms offering the press release submission service have tailored their service in such a way that it maximizes the importance of press release in all news search engines as well as media databases. Such potential firms analyze the press release writing and make it an effective keyword searchable writing that ensures a quality release to drive traffic and higher ranking in the search engines.

Just by releasing the writings before any kind of audience may not give a fruitful result. The press release distribution should be placed before the right audience to hit the profit instantly. The potential search engine optimization firms submit the press release writings to the best venues and that includes some of the hand picked media contacts that bring easy success to the press release submission service and the client associated.

The unique features associated with the press release services that make it more demanding are as follows- uploading the press release writing with video clips makes it eye-catchy, submitting the writings with high resolution pictures and images is more influencing, including up to three keywords is beneficial, and the professionally written press release can boost the popularity and get the top ranking.

Certain advantages associated with the press release distribution services are as follows ? it boosts the sites ranking in the search engines, drives potential traffic towards the site, increases one-way backlink, enhances product sales and finally it will help to achieve popularity.

The potential press release service providing SEO firms make use of newswire services, XML, RSS feed, FTP feeds and other web based technologies to reach out to the target audience. The press release writings submitted through the potential service providers assure that the writings receive the deserving attention from the targeted audience. Thus they give the platform to get noticed on the global, national and local newspapers. There are unlimited advantages of press release writings and to discover it just log on to the online resources.