The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole ? Is It For Real?

Recently a well known SEO expert called Dave Kelly and Chris Rempel otherwise know as the ?lazy super affiliate? launched the “Ultimate Search Engine Loophole”. Marketers and affiliate marketers have been going crazy over this new approach to search engine optimization. Of course there?s been the usual skepticism about this type of product. After all, the claims are extraordinary. I decided to review Dave Kelly and Chris Rempel?s new SEO technique to see if the big claims are true and if this product stands up.

Lets get straight to the point.

The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole consists of of two PDF files and several 5 to 10 minute videos that Dave Kelly has put together. The first PDF report is titled, The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole, and is written by Dave Kelly. It’s only 20 pages in length, it basically covers the implementation of the strategy completely and is clearly written without the usual fluff and filler content.

The First PDF.

On the first reading of this report your initial reaction might be ?well this seems like a lot of work? and that’s fine. However once you have read the report, spend some time thinking about it. The truth is, the strategy presented isn?t all that hard to implement. If you are fine with the fact that you will be required to put some work in to get the payoff. Apart from having to to put some initial work in for a long term payoff, there are no real obstacles in the way of anyone wanting to get started with this.

The second PDF.

The second PDF is written by Chris Rempel, and is titled Quick Start Guide. This report is 10 pages in length. This is OK, because this PDF is to reassure anyone reading who have made it through the first report, that Dave?s strategy is solid. Not just that, but it can be implemented without any further cost, although it is going to require some extra work. Chris refers to some of Dave?s videos in this guide, so really it is Dave Kelly who is revealing this secret search engine optimization strategy.

The Videos.

The videos – again Dave Kelly make it very clear how you can implement your domain ranking strategy on a small scale with MSN, and then build it up once you see some results. I don?t see any reason why this cannot be done.
Dave Kelly has also put up videos showing the results and proof of putting this strategy into action. You can see from the videos how his domains rank in top positions on MSN live for keywords such as ?poor credit rating?, and ?reducing debt? These are fiercely competitive financial keywords. If you visit his sites you?ll see that these typically have a page rank of zero according to Google, which shows how particular this strategy is to MSN.

If you tried to rank for these hyper competitive keywords without the ?MSN loophole strategy? You would have next no chance without paying out thousands to a professional SEO firm. Dave Kelly has been using this strategy for years, quietly perfecting it to a point where he can out-rank the big company?s.


The Search Engine Loophole virtually guarantee that your website can get into the top few search engine positions for any keyword you choose, which obviously makes this an extremely valuable product. The potential, you could position offers in front of thousands or even tens of thousands of prospects and make heaps of sales in your chosen markets from this alone. The start-up costs are minimal and the only other requirement is work. If you can build one page blogs, post content and follow instructions, then you are good to go. I have also found some of the process can be automated and speeded up with some free plug-ins.

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